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Transform Your Organization with Our Corporate Self-Care Program

Helping the Helpers: Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals and Clinics

Elevate Your Work Culture
Mental health professionals and clinic employees are the backbone of our community's well-being. Our program is designed to foster a positive work culture where your team feels balanced, reducing employee turnover and enhancing performance. By prioritizing self-care, your staff will be more effective in their roles, providing better service to others.

Why Sound Therapy and NLP?

Faster, More Effective Results Than Traditional Coaching

Emotional Regulation

  • Sound therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms by promoting deep relaxation and emotional release. Research from the National Institutes of Health indicates that sound therapy can significantly decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, thereby alleviating anxiety and improving mood. A study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine found that participants who underwent sound therapy reported lower levels of stress and a greater sense of well-being.

Targeting the Source

  • Our methods address underlying causes, not just symptoms, ensuring rapid and lasting change by reprogramming negative beliefs, transforming thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. NLP techniques have been demonstrated to effectively alter neural pathways, leading to sustained behavioral changes. According to a study in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, NLP interventions resulted in significant improvements in emotional regulation and cognitive flexibility.

Subconscious Access

  • Sound healing and NLP tap into the subconscious mind, addressing deep-rooted beliefs and patterns quickly using music, vibrations, and visualization techniques. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis shows that these techniques can access the subconscious mind to alter deeply ingrained habits and thought patterns, resulting in quicker and more profound changes compared to traditional talk therapy.

The Science Behind Sound Healing: Understanding its Impact on Productivity

The Impact of Sound Frequencies

Sound healing operates on the principle that different frequencies affect the body and mind profoundly. Scientific research shows that specific sound frequencies can induce relaxation by stimulating neurotransmitter release, like serotonin and dopamine, associated with happiness and well-being. Sound vibrations also help synchronize brainwaves, enhancing focus, concentration, and cognitive function.

The Energetic Foundation of Sound Healing

Sound healing is based on the premise that everything in the universe is energy, including human beings composed of atoms vibrating at different frequencies. Our bodies are over 75% water, and sound travels four times faster in water, making sound healing effective. Through sympathetic resonance (body vibrating at sound frequencies) and brainwave entrainment (brainwaves synchronizing with sound frequencies), sound healing improves physical and mental states, harmonizing cellular function.

Harnessing Sound Therapy for Workplace Wellness

Studies demonstrate sound therapy's therapeutic effects on reducing stress, anxiety, and alleviating insomnia and depression symptoms. Implementing sound healing in the workplace, through group sound-baths or individual sessions, can enhance mental clarity, productivity, and creativity. Research on the Schumann frequency (7.8 Hz), associated with the brain's "flow" state, and auditory beat simulation in the Theta range (4-7 Hz) shows promise in promoting well-being and reducing anxiety.

The Cost of Workplace Stress

Reduce Absenteeism and Employee Turnover

Stress, emotional fatigue, and burnout are major barriers to self-care. According to MindShare Partners’ 2021 Mental Health at Work report, 68% of millennials and 81% of Gen Zers have left roles for mental-health reasons.

Employee Turnover
The average direct cost for an early new employee is $57,968 for an associate-level employee (University of Virginia).

Chronic Diseases
86% of the nation’s annual health care expenditures are focused on chronic conditions—the majority of which are reversible (CDC).

The STOP IT Program: A 6-Week Transformation

Overcome Overthinking and Access Inner Resources

Our 6-week program, STOP IT, is designed to help your team overcome overthinking, release resistance, and access inner resources. Participants will feel in control, self-assured, and resilient.

What You Will Learn

  • Interrupt Negative Thought Patterns: Quickly stop negative thoughts before they spiral. This prevents employees from leaking their energy.

  • Tame Your Inner Critic: Work with your inner critic to achieve goals. A positive self-concept allows employees to role model, be of service, and show more compassion.

  • Let Go of Uncomfortable Emotions: Discover how to release emotions and resistance.

  • Desensitize Emotional Triggers: Reduce sensitivity to triggers and stressors. Effective ways to let go of pressure and tension improve the culture.

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Identify and overcome beliefs that limit potential. Mental health professionals often project their own needs, affecting performance.

  • Access Inner Wisdom: Tap into inner strengths and resources for a positive mindset.

  • Program Positivity: Transform negative thought patterns into positive opportunities.

Program Overview

Week-by-Week Learning and Growth

Week 1: Calming Your Stress Response
Learn to calm your stress response, manage overwhelm, and regain control.

Week 2: Let Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs
Identify and shift limiting beliefs and triggers to feel empowered.

Week 3: Tame Your Inner Critic
Stop overthinking, interrupt negative self-talk, and work with your inner critic.

Week 4: Learn to Let Go of Trapped Emotions
Release tension and uncomfortable emotions with mind/body exercises.

Week 5: Access Inner Wisdom
Trust your intuition, build self-confidence, and decode emotions for guidance.

Week 6: Program for Positivity
Rewire your mind for positivity, cultivate gratitude, and embrace a thankful life.

Imagine Your New Reality

Transform Your Work Culture
Implement science-backed strategies to feel safe, release fear, and embrace authentic self-expression. Automate new responses to stress and negativity, waking up with boundless energy, a clear mind, and the confidence to tackle any challenge.

Empowering Leaders
By the end of this program, your team will have the tools to manage stress, reframe negative thought patterns, and let go of limiting beliefs. This leads to a profound connection with themselves, fostering radical self-love and acceptance.

Benefits of Happier Employees and a Positive Environment

  • Increased Productivity: Happier employees are more focused, efficient, and motivated.

  • Reduced Absenteeism: Employees who feel supported and balanced are less likely to take sick days.

  • Improved Retention: A positive work environment reduces turnover, saving on hiring and training costs.

  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: A supportive atmosphere fosters collaboration, creativity, and mutual respect.

  • Better Client Service: Employees who take care of themselves are better equipped to take care of others, leading to higher client satisfaction.

Bridging the Gap

Our program bridges the gap between traditional mental health support and innovative self-care practices, providing your team with the tools they need to thrive both personally and professionally.


"Had a fantastic session that really helped me shift and release a lot of frozen grief and sorrow. Very powerful compared to talk therapy. Would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone who is struggling with any issues that are affecting their lives. Very kind person too."
— Dr. Heidi Taylor, PhD

"Carolyn Barnes is bringing mental, physical, and emotional fitness and performance together to redefine what it means to thrive. She is one of the most knowledgeable trainers/coaches I have ever met."
— Dr. Robert Zelenski

"I used to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. With Carolyn's help, I can now sleep through the night and stop overthinking! She has changed my life!"
— Bina Khaki, LMFT

"Excellence and authenticity! Carolyn is an incredibly gifted soul and clinician at her craft. Within one session, she was able to concisely access decades of deeply ingrained wounds and autonomous programming via often overlooked aspects of surface challenges. Was completely blown away by the care, depth, and clear potential for full transformation by this single session alone. This type of excavation for personal transformation can feel daunting and sometimes, scary to become so vulnerable with another person, however, I can fully recommend Carolyn as your trusted guide, clinician, and advisor to the path forward you seek!"
— Shawntel Okonkwo, PhD

Program Options

1 Session

  • Quick Impact: Experience immediate benefits and a taste of the full program.

6 Sessions

  • Full Program: Engage in the comprehensive 6-week transformation journey.

12 Sessions

  • Annual Support: Ensure lasting change and continuous improvement throughout the year.

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