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So many people have a hard time finding happiness.
Or if they do, they aren’t even able to enjoy it!


I know, because I used to be one of them.


If negative thinking patterns are holding you back from transformation and true happiness...
You're NOT alone!

You can change this


Stressed Man


After nearly a decade as a health and fitness coach, as well as appearing on national television, I nearly lost my life to chronic stress, anxiety and severe hypertension.

As part of my own healing journey, I  became a clinical hypnotherapist and expert in the mind-body connection and discovered the A.R.T. of letting go,


When you combine letting go with identity shifting, a person can create massive change and achieve true happiness and success in every area of LIFE!

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Are You Ready to Experience
True Happiness?

Imagine being able to see yourself in a completely new way.

Work with me and learn how to master the A.R.T. of change.

Align with your true self and experience real

confidence, love and success!

  • Experience more calmness, inner peace, and resourcefulness in your life.

  • Gain clarity, focus, motivation and determination.

  • Identify your goals quickly and achieve them.

  • Treat your body with kindness and live within your ideal weight by bettering your health habits.

  • Feel energized, healthy, and strong.

  • Improve communication in your relationships.

  • Attract your ideal partner.

Hi, I'm Carolyn

Hey there, I'm Carolyn, and my journey from health coach to transformative expert has been nothing short of a wild ride. Just a decade ago, if you had told me I'd nearly lose my life to what's known as the silent killer, chronic stress, I wouldn't have believed you. But here I am, on a mission to teach people how to manage their nervous systems so they can tap into incredible energy and gain massive control over their minds and bodies.

My expertise has been recognized by leading publications like the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News, Shape, Woman's Health, and People. You might recognize me from my time as a weight loss coach on ABC's "My Diet is Better than Yours" or from appearances on shows like The Doctors and Good Morning America. But behind the scenes, my life was anything but perfect.

While I was busy helping others on their health journeys, I was silently battling the stress and anxiety, and it took a serious toll on my health. – a silent struggle I kept hidden from the world.


Today, I've embraced clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and energy healing to guide individuals toward holistic well-being. My focus is on helping people conquer stress and anxiety, equipping them with the tools to lay the groundwork for a truly fulfilling life.

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NLP, Hypnotherapy, Somatic Energetic Healing and Cutting Edge psychological Techniques to Help You Master Your Life

Change Your Mindset

So You Can Change Your Life.

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