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WANTED: Busy Professionals who hate to exercise and diet but want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life.


Thousands Could Have Stopped Their Yo-Yo Dieting for Good – But Have Never Been Told This Weight Loss Secret By The Experts They’ve Hired.

(Hint: It’s so powerful I was forbidden to talk about it on my TV show for ABC Television–so I LEFT.)

This is ideal for you if:

  • You have difficulty finding time to exercise and/or create healthy meals and are looking for a more convenient way to fit these in.

  • Are a serial dieter and have experienced Yo-Yo weight loss, losing weight only to gain it back.

  • Work from home and do a lot of sitting in your job.

  • You are too busy to go to the gym or hate working out.

  • Have tried and failed to lose weight or feel stuck on your journey.

I created a program to not only lose weight but keep you from Yo-Yo dieting. It includes the tools and shortcuts that create a solid foundation for a lifelong, healthy lifestyle.


Best of all, it won’t feel like a diet or another “to do” on your “to do” list.  

When we don't have a lot of time, taking care of ourselves feels like pressure. I know, I get it! Which is why I came up with practical solutions that are super time convenient, simple, and most importantly work without you feeling deprived or pressured. 


That said, like anything good in life, it takes commitment.  The desire for change has to come from you.  If you have the desire, I’ve given you a proven, easy-to-follow blueprint which simplifies everything for you.  


Plus, unlike most virtual programs, this is not a pre-recorded program. You’ll meet with me LIVE in a virtual setting so you can ask me questions, share your struggles and celebrate your successes.


I will be with you to help you eliminate your bad habits and create new ones you can stick with.

Working from Home

How to stop yo-yo dieting when you’re super busy

If you’re a working professional like me, my guess is that our lifestyles are pretty similar.


Always on the go. Working. Taking care of your home. Getting family members where they need to be. Being there for friends and family. Taking care of customers or clients. Dealing with everyday life stuff. Trying to make time to have FUN and enjoy life.


In other words. You’re SUPER busy!


Like me, you have more important things to worry about than finding time to work out, go to the market and prep foods. Am I right?



I knew things had to change.

Because if I didn’t change, I’d continue feeling frustrated. Out of energy. Fat and unattractive. I might start having health problems and not be there for my kids. Worse yet, I’d pass along my unhealthy habits to my kids.


Now it wasn’t that I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I was. In fact, even in college, I struggled with my weight.


You name it, I tried it. From Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to extreme workouts.


But because of my busy life, nothing seemed to stick. I’d lose weight and then gain it back.

The good news is…


I discovered the reason for the struggle – something no one explains. Once you know this secret and understand it, it becomes so much easier to not only lose weight but keep it off. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first more about what to do when you are too busy to spend an hour going to the gym three or four times a week…


With my second pregnancy, I gained 60 pounds. Along with being heavier than ever, I was busier than ever. Which is when I discovered a way to effectively combine my everyday tasks with exercise. When I did this…


The weight fell off.


The best part is you can do these anywhere. You don’t need a gym membership or special equipment or even a lot of space.


Plus, because these exercises are so effective, you only need a minute here or four minutes there to complete them. Spending only 10 minutes a day, you can get a killer fat-burning work out in that keeps burning calories after you’re done … and get this, WHILE you are doing other tasks you need to complete!

A System That's Fast and EASY!

and works in every situation

Who has time to cook fancy meals and count calories?


I don’t and I’m guessing you don’t either. Which is one of the reasons diets are hard to maintain.


To be successful, you need EASY, simple ways to keep your body fueled.  


I found that you MUST have a system that:


  • doesn’t require calorie counting

  • supplies healthy options FAST

  • helps you make good decisions whether you are dining out at a restaurant, in a conference room with lots of tempting junk food, don’t have a lot of time, or eating on the run

Putting this in place, not only saves time in the kitchen, it works no matter what is going on.

Rewire Your Brain

Get rid of your bad habits and create good ones instead.


Now here is the big secret that no one ever explained to me (and I’m guessing since you’re here that no one ever explained it to you either).  


If you truly want to stop yo-yo dieting and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need more than just a quick, effective exercise routine and an easy, simple system for eating.


Because I’ve found that even with those things in place…you still have habits, triggers, thoughts and cravings that can sabotage you…



Like when you have a really bad day at work and you just want to have a margarita OR 3, a bag of chips and a bowl of cheese queso dip…


Or your kids are driving you CRAZY and you break out a bottle of wine, a sleeve of crackers and a block of cheese…


Then there’s the classic – get in a fight with your significant other and turn to a tub of ice cream for comfort…


It’s also habits such as celebrating with dessert every single time something good happens. Eating junk food at the ballpark all weekend while you watch your kid’s games. Or working through lunch because you’re too busy and then hitting the fast food for a big juicy burger because now you’re starving.

Through a lot of research, study, working on myself and with my clients, I’ve become aware of the bad habits that sabotage your progress and discovered how to rewire the brain to create new, better habits, but more importantly... I discovered a method that creates a person create the IDENTITY and qualities that align with great health and feeling fit!

With this process, you can reprogram your thinking to not only create better habits, you can eliminate the self-destructive ones, address emotional eating, and have a go-to solution whenever you experience cravings and triggers without feeling deprived.


Imagine…A Healthy, Fit YOU


Practical solutions that are excuse-proof!

You’ll discover how to work out efficiently and effectively. I’m talking about Taskercises you do here and there throughout your day that only take one to ten minutes to complete. Stuff you can do in your office.  Or in your bathroom, while getting ready  the morning. Or wherever.



I’ll show you quick and easy ways to fuel your body and eat properly. Ways that do not require you to spend a lot of time in the kitchen (unless you want to). You won’t have to purchase fancy prepped meals or protein powders either.


Because let’s face it…in the real world that is NOT sustainable.


You’ll even get the part of my program they forbid me to talk about…


It’s the key to weight loss.

Yet other weight loss programs lack this critical component –

only touching lightly on it (such as discussing how to beat sugar cravings) or fail to include it at all.


It’s the part of my program that I wasn’t allowed to talk about on TV. (I was under a non-disclosure for over 2 years.)


You can learn to eat right and exercise effectively…but without discovering the root cause, and releasing the self-limiting beliefs, a person will automatically go back to old thoughts, patterns, habits, and behaviors that don’t support your desired goal. It’s that simple.

Most people don’t realize that whenever they start a program to create changes they desire this is why they will always be in grave danger of falling right back into old, bad habits which cause you to gain weight.

I’ve found this to be THE most important part of my program. You’ll discover how to rewire your brain to overcome negative thoughts, patterns, triggers, cravings and other things that sabotage you and keep you from either losing weight or maintaining weight loss.


I’ll give you tools that will help you re-program your brain to eliminate the thoughts that are causing you to turn to food for comfort. You’ll discover how to deal with triggers and cravings when they occur. And you’ll finally become aware of the self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back from the body you want.

Work with me LIVE Online!!

You’ll learn techniques for re-wiring your brain, changing those negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones that not only will help you be more successful at managing your weight but will spill over into helping you be more successful in all areas of your life.


Plus, you’ll be armed with what to do when you are triggered to eat stuff you know you shouldn’t…like when a fight with your significant other makes you want to down a tub of ice cream.


Or a rough day makes you want to consume a bottle of wine and a block of cheese. Or the kids are driving you to break out a bag of chips or a sleeve of cookies, and so on.

PLUS...You will also receive:


The cLEAN Momma Accountability Program – My clients LOVE this! It’s like carrying me around with you 24/7 (in a good way, not a creepy, irritating way). We all have things we struggle with. Some people need encouragement to exercise. Some need help keeping their food consumption in check. Some need reminders to do healthy habits like drink water.

Here’s how it works: Just like you remind your kids to do things like brush their teeth or make their bed until they have developed the habit to do it on their own…I help you develop healthy habits until you do them automatically on your own. Done through a custom texting program I developed, you’ll get reminders from me of what you need to do and when. Plus, some other really effective techniques which will be revealed once you sign up.

The cLEAN Momma Toolbox – You’ll have access to tools inside a membership site that you can access from your phone, computer, or tablet. Tools include:


1. cLEAN Routine- Your workout action plan! Step-by-step workouts, specifically designed for busy people. They are quick, efficient, burn a ton of calories and are excuse-proof! 

  •  4-minute workout videos- Each workout video consists of a 4-minute workout, specifically designed for you to do anywhere. These workouts are scientifically proven to dial up the "after-burn effect," burning a ton of calories, even after you are done! 

  • Do you ENJOY going to the gym? You will receive a step-by-step workout program you can take with you to the gym! This program is designed to maximize your time, burn a ton of calories and help you lose weight fast! All in under 20 minutes.

  • HATE working out and don't? You will get a step-by-step workout program designed to get you moving in a practical, efficient way in under 10 minutes. It’s a work out you can handle! Your workout action plan.

PLUS- My library of signature multi-tasking exercises, you can incorporate throughout your day while you are doing other tasks.

2. cLEAN Diet- Super simple and easy weekly meal plans designed for your busy lifestyle.

  • Over 25 delicious recipes-  Super simple to make and extremely tasty, you can turn to these to make mealtime easy.

  • Sample meal plans created by a Registered Dietician, Stephanie Lecovan—A terrific time-saver that takes all the worry out of whether or not you’re eating the right foods.

  • Sample Grocery lists to help you get started! – When you’re in a hurry, you tend to fall back into shopping patterns buying foods that aren’t necessarily the best choices. These prepared grocery lists not only give you healthy, delicious options, but the foods you need to make the recipes I’ve included so you don’t have to do any of the work.

  • A going out to dinner "Cheat Sheet!"  -- All too often people eat healthy when eating at home. But once they go out to dinner with friends, they consume too much, or they make bad choices. You won’t have to worry about that with this super SIMPLE plan.

  • A Fast-Food cheat sheet, “Making the Drive Through Work!” –Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are STARVING and need something quick. Here’s how to navigate fast-food restaurants to take the edge off your hunger without totally destroying the work you’ve done.

  • Cheat sheets for “What to Make for dinner in 5 minutes” –When you’re busy and starving, there’s a tendency to go to what is EASIEST and FASTEST. Typically, easy means processed food or junk food. Now you’ll have EASY & FAST solutions that are healthy for you!

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This is a great place to add a tagline.

Tell customers more about you. Add a few words and a stunning pic to grab their attention and get them to click.

This space is ideal for writing a detailed description of your business and the types of services that you provide. Talk about your team and your areas of expertise. 

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