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Unlock Your Full Potential and Book Acting Jobs with Unshakable Confidence using NLP Techniques.


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Are you ready to stop letting your inner critic ruin your auditions and run your life?

Are you an actor struggling with audition anxiety, nerves, or self-doubt? What if you could change your relationship with your automatic thoughts and create dynamic transformations by taking-action and letting go of what no longer serves you.


Here’s what I hear the most from the actors who come to work with me. Maybe you can relate… They are doing their best to manage all that life throws at them, but inside they’re feeling:


·  STRESSED- like, all the time about everything – and they’re sick of it!

·  TIRED- of sitting on the couch, waiting for their agent to call

·  ANXIOUS- AND overthink about what other people think about them, especially casting directors.

· INSECURE- about themselves, career, money, relationships, body image, basically EVERYTHING.

·  OVERWHELMED- with their “to-do” list, or their crappy job not paying the bills, messy house, and the seemingly elusive work-life balance.

· FRUSTRATED- that they can’t seem to get it together, for more than a week. Frustrated because they can’t get a handle on their stress no matter what they try like yoga, self-help podcasts, a third glass of wine or positive affirmations, (FYI those don’t really work if you don’t believe it)

· WORRIED- that they will never make it, or what’s the point, they might as well get a real job because all the worst-case scenarios they are dreaming up will come true.

·  CRAPPY-from months, years, or even decades of stress wreaking havoc on their bodies, their energy is low and happiness is dictated by booking a job, or some casting director tells them their great.

Join us for "Create Unshakable Confidence," a transformative masterclass designed to help you overcome stress and anxiety using powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

During this masterclass, you will:

Led by Carolyn Barnes, a esteemed clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, former Health coach for ABC TV and SAG/ EQUITY actress, this 1-hour hypnotic training will equip you with the secret key components to Help actors overcome overthinking and nail their auditions. By rewiring your thought patterns through NLP, you'll experience a deep level of relaxation and awaken your brain's neuroplasticity, unlocking your inner resources and enabling you to feel confident in every situation.Don't miss this opportunity to gain control over your self-worth and tap into your limitless potential as an actor using the power of NLP.


Join us for this online live session on Zoom (date and time to be announced). Limited spaces are available, so reserve your spot today and break free from self-sabotage and audition anxiety.



Carolyn Barnes is an engaging health and wellness coach, a grounded and approachable clinical hypnotherapist, and a dynamic speaker who lights up the room with her humor and infectious energy. With nearly 2 decades of industry experience, she has graced the cover of the Wall Street Journal, and made appearances on esteemed national television shows such as The Doctors, Good Morning America, Fox News, and even starred in a popular weight loss series on ABC. Carolyn's own transformative journey from battling chronic stress and severe hypertension has fueled her deep passion and relatability, as she wholeheartedly empowers others with warmth, laughter, and empathy to conquer stress, anxiety, and unlock their fullest potential. As she prepares to unveil her forthcoming book, "How to S.T.A.R.T. Letting Go," Carolyn's unwavering enthusiasm and transformative insights serve as a powerful inspiration for individuals to seize control of their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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