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Control Stress and Anxiety
Gain Inner Peace.

There’s a powerful connection between how we think, how we act, and how we feel.
Break the Cycle and Set the Foundation, So You Change the Way You Feel for Life!

How would your life be different if you could break this exhausting cycle?

For years I struggled with massive stress and anxiety and I can tell you first hand, it can feel debilitating.

I know first-hand just how crippling anxiety, fears, extreme stress, negative thinking and negative self-talk can be, and the good news is, you can ABSOLUTELY FREE yourself from this, I did, and it’s liberating. And its my highest intention to assist you on your path to breaking free and feeling good!



Anxiety and Stress Are Different
For Everybody.

If you have struggled with Anxiety, worry, overthinking, and panic attacks, the fear and discomfort can feel like the world is closing in! I get it!


Have you ever;

  • Felt excessive anxiety and worry about not just one, but many issues, individuals, or events at the same time?

  • Noticed difficulty in controlling the feelings of worry, often without control in shifting from one topic to another?

  • Shut down completely and avoided people, completing things?

  • Struggled with overthinking thoughts and many rabbit holes opened at once?

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Anxiety vs.

UNDERSTAND THE Stress it creates in your body.

·ANXIETY: A state of uneasiness and distress about future uncertainties; apprehension, worry and is a natural reaction to stress or the anticipation of stress. It’s often talked about in terms of the flight or fight response, our body’s natural reaction to gearing up for something stressful which can become a chronic state of alertness even helplessness. This intense fear or dread lacking an ambiguous cause or a specific threat.


FEAR: An emotion and your bodies signal, or an alarm signaling you that there’s DANGER! expectation or realization of danger. A ground for dread or apprehension; danger. To be anxious or apprehensive about. To suspect, be afraid, frightened, or terrified.

Both Anxiety and Fear present similarly with people as an unpleasant feeling of perceived risk or danger, whether real or imagined. Anxieties and Fears have different degrees and can vary from one person to another.

things you need to know

simple and clear.

  • EVERY person has experienced fear or anxiety a multitude of times in their lives.

  • You are NOT alone, people every day and everywhere experience the crippling effects of these emotions.

  • The ability to experience these two emotions is necessary for our survival. They actually serve to protect us.

  • Grabbing ahold of these emotions give you the power and will actually drive you toward what you really want.

  • Fear is the most powerful emotion on the planet, and is a basic instinct. Our survival depends on it.

  • ·When we experience the sense there might be danger we automatically go to the place of Fear or Anxiety. And that danger includes ANYTHING that is an unknown.

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fight-flight responses HAVE YOU EXPERIENCE;

  • Change in breathing, short breath

  • Racing heart, pumping faster

  • High blood pressure

  • Nausea, or stomach ache, ( you digestion system is shutting down)

  • Dryness in the mouth

  • Tightening or jerking of your muscles

  • Coldness or clammy

  • In addition to fighting or fleeing, you may also go into “freeze” mode. That’s where fear of failure, fear of success and procrastination manifest – as a result of fear.

  • All of these responses come directly from your subconscious, whose purpose is to protect you.

In hypnosis, we address the subconscious and its natural responses so that you feel in control over your stress response, decisions and feel more at ease!


  • The subconscious mind acts on autopilot.

  • Everything our subconscious does is for the purpose of keeping us alive.

  • If we are impulsive in the moment and react to something, we are doing it with our survival in mind.

  • Afterward, our logical mind kicks in, so we can understand if we made a good or wrong decision, and learn what we need to do for the next time.

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Above the Clouds

because YOU CAn

 Learn how to;

  • redirect some of the “right/wrong” “good/bad” “blame/fault” thinking into “strategies that worked...” or “strategies that didn’t work...”

  • free yourself from guilt and shame from past “mistakes.”

  • allow yourself to learn from the mistakes and automatically make better “decisions” in the future by “responding VS. reacting.


Your subconscious doesn’t know from fantasy or reality, through hypnotherapy and working together, I will help guide you to change your way of thinking – redirecting your subconscious to more effective strategies for living.

empower yourself
 turn your fear- and anxiety-based
“reactions” into “responses”.

  •  When we “react” to a situation, we’re coming from that primitive subconscious

  • The SECRET is: How to feel the Fear and Anxiety and know you are OK and safe. You can learn how to harness the feelings of Fear and Anxiety and allow them to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

  • Only when we “choose our response” can we truly be empowered. This allows us to redirect our fight/flight/freeze reaction.

  • We have the ability to reason and this is what gives us the ability to “choose” our response. 

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