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Elevate Your Self Care Habits: NLP Tools for Stress Relief, Resilience and Well Being
in the Business World

Join us for an empowering workshop tailored to Business professionals, sales teams, and employees working in high-pressure environments. Discover the transformative power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools for cultivating self-care habits and building resilience. As professionals dedicated to the well-being of others, it's crucial to prioritize your own self-care for sustained success and fulfillment.

This workshop provides practical techniques to update your mental programs, reprogram your thinking, and establish effective self-care practices that enhance your efficiency and effectiveness and productivity. Upgrade your self-care habits, gain strategies for stress relief, and nurture your resilience, enabling you to thrive in the demanding world of business.


Do you know what you "should" be doing, but don't, because you feel burnt out, and overwhelmed with EVERYTHING. Are you adept at caring for others but struggle to prioritize your own well-being and stress relief in the fast-paced corporate environment? 

  • Do you often experience overwhelming stress while managing professional responsibilities and supporting others, leaving you in need of "ON DEMAND" stress management techniques?

  • Seeking resilience and rejuvenation: Are you looking for fast acting tools to replenish your energy, boost resilience, and maintain your focus?

  • Do you need better sleep, a better diet, more or exercise?

  • Are you "good" for a few weeks and then BAM, back to the old ways?

  • Needing resilience and rejuvenation: Those who wants a faster track to replenish your energy, increase resilience, and maintain your own mental and emotional well-being in the demanding field you're in.



NLP techniques to rewire your thinking and behavior so your default is set to prioritize your self your self, and your health while meeting your needs. 

  • Upgraded self-care habits: Learn NLP techniques to revitalize your self-care practices and establish sustainable habits that support your well-being and stress relief.

  • Enhanced stress relief and resilience: Discover strategies to update your mental programs, effectively manage stress, and increase resilience, allowing you to maintain balance and emotional well-being.

  • Efficient and effective service: Through NLP tools, recode your thinking and behavior patterns, enabling you to optimize your own self-care, problem solve easier, and feel good.

  • Increase your efficiency and effectiveness in your work with others.

Ready to experience the transformative power of NLP and hypnotherapy? Don't miss this opportunity to prioritize your own well-being and gain invaluable NLP tools for self-care and stress relief. Join us for this transformative workshop and unlock the potential to embody a peak and resourceful state with more energy.


Schedule a free demo today and experience the benefits of NLP and hypnosis for your team. Boost productivity, and drive outstanding results. Take the first step towards unlocking your full potential by contacting us now to book your free demo. Don't wait, let's embark on this journey of growth and success together.



Carolyn Barnes is an engaging health and wellness coach, a grounded and approachable clinical hypnotherapist, and a dynamic speaker who lights up the room with her humor and infectious energy. With nearly 2 decades of industry experience, she has graced the cover of the Wall Street Journal, and made appearances on esteemed national television shows such as The Doctors, Good Morning America, Fox News, and even starred in a popular weight loss series on ABC. Carolyn's own transformative journey from battling chronic stress and severe hypertension has fueled her deep passion and relatability, as she wholeheartedly empowers others with warmth, laughter, and empathy to conquer stress, anxiety, and unlock their fullest potential. As she prepares to unveil her forthcoming book, "How to S.T.A.R.T. Letting Go," Carolyn's unwavering enthusiasm and transformative insights serve as a powerful inspiration for individuals to seize control of their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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