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      Imagine being able to see yourself in a completely new way. 100 char max
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      • The STOP IT eBook, Audiobook & Bonus Content
      • The MASTERPeace Wellness App!
      • Entire Library of Carolyn's Self-Hypnosis Audios
      • New Self- Hypnosis Audios Every Month
      • Mind Training Videos & Worksheets
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    • STOP IT: eBook, Audiobook & Bonus Audios

      Your journey to a revitalized self starts now. Embrace STOP IT, and get your FREE bonus audios.
      • The Complete STOP IT eBook
      • Taming the Inner Critic
      • Control Hunger and Kick Cravings
      • Master Your Sleep
      • Excuse-Free Motivation Exercise
    • STOP IT- Online Course

      • Enjoy entertaining and easily digestible content that foster
      • Practical and doable, bite-sized exercises for rapid and las
      • Rewire neural pathways for heightened responses and improved
      • Gain a profound understanding of mind-body dynamics
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