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UNLOCK THE SECRET CODE TO IMPROVING YOUR LIFE. Learn how you can program your mind for success.

Learn how you can program your mind for success by training your brain to focus on what you want.


RAS mediates behavior and is basically, the Key to 'Turning your brain on.

You program this superpower by choosing the message, goal or affirmation (basically any parameter you feed it) and it helps you visualize and materialize your goals into reality.

It starts working extremely hard to reveal to you all people, places, and things that pertain to those parameters. R.A.S literally and purposely I might add, discriminates all outside stimuli to help you process all the incoming stimuli.

If the focus on your goals are crystal clear, your RAS will work very hard to remove the background noise and reveal the people, information and opportunities that help you achieve them. RAS is a part of you that helps YOU see, only the things YOU WANT TO SEE.

Think of your spam filter on your computer. It spams junk and irrelevant material and delivers to your inbox only the info that is important to you .

That's R.A.S!

The Reticular Activating System is literally a filter in your brain that cancels out all the background noise in the world and delivers only information, people, places, and things, that are important to you.


Have you ever Noticed that when you’re trying to buy a new car, all of a sudden there’s a ton of cars that are the same type or color you have been daydreaming about, on the freeway?

The truth is, there isn’t, but when you understand why your mind plays tricks on you, you will understand how to master your mindset and trick yourself into the life you desire!

I’m gonna explain to you what’s happening in your brain, and how this relates to getting what you want in life.

There’s something in the brain called the reticular activating system, RAS, and it’s incredibly valuable when it comes to creating a life by design, and what you desire.

I’m gonna explain what this part of the brain does, and how you can use this to increase your chances of success.

The reticular activating system, or the RAS, is a piece of the brain that’s at the top of the spinal cord, about 2 inches long.

All of our senses, except for smell, are wired directly to this. This is responsible for interpretations, pain perception, your sleep cycles, your cardiovascular function, habits,, or ability to focus, our fight flight response, and basically how we perceive the world.

This part of the brain is a filter in place a huge role regarding all the sensory information that a person receives. It’s basically the gate keeper because it regulates what information makes it into the conscious mind as an experience.

If you think your body is a virtual reality suit with all your senses giving you permission to see the world hear the sounds feel things we can touch, and because we have billions of bits of information coming at us all day long, we have this reticular activating system so our brains don’t explode.

You wouldn’t be surprised to find out how valuable this reticular activating system.

It actually make certain that your brain doesn’t get overloaded with the information, when there’s so much of it around us.

When information is coming in through our senses it determines what’s the most important thing, and what can be ignored. So if you stopped, and listened intently to all the sounds going on around you during any given moment, you might be able to tune in and see how you were able to pick up on sounds that may be beforehand you were ignoring.

That’s because you’re reticular activating system determine that the things around you that you were ignoring, weren’t important. And unless you consciously tell your brain that you want to become aware to that information it’ll continue to ignore it.

Why is this important?

The RAS takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it. It also looks for in science data that validates And c

associated with it.

Some information can easily be overlooked with this function of the brain. And you be surprised to find out how easy easy it is to delete distort and generalize information but I’ll get to that in a moment.

What’s worse is if your RAS filter isn’t clean, it could even assume information sets a certain pattern, and interpret it differently when this isn’t happening in reality. This is based on a persons belief system. But will get to that in a moment.

Now that you understand its function, How can we use it to our advantage? And how can stop it from taking advantage of us.

When we focus our attention on negative things, the mind will search for more of those things to validate the facts it’s for me. It does this so I can fill any void that may have occurred, and to develop a basis for putting the puzzle pieces together. Meaning it’ll zero in and delete distort and generalize the information around you so it changes your perception. It literally filters what information is allowed into the perception.

So, when you’re focusing on the negative in your life it will filter in what is negative and it prevent you from seeing everything else around you. It basically deletes the positive part of the experience and causes over analyzing and over thinking, you know when you have that ticker tape in your head playing?!

The good news is, we train our brains to focus on the positive. The only differences which have it you create. Are you a negative thinker, or a positive thinker?

If you want to create more positivity in your life may consider training yourself differently. By grabbing a hold of this part of the brain, and learn how to master it, you’ll begin to create control over your focus, and you can literally teach it how to filter in more positive things, no matter what is happening around you.

Specifically when we create an internal believe the reticular activating system is look for outside validation or evidence to validate that belief. It considers there to be avoid otherwise and will not stop looking for this evidence until it finds it.

Those positive things are right there under your nose to take, but if your RAS is eliminating them from your perception and experience based on your past perceptions, or your past focus, you’re gonna miss them and assume they’re only negative things happening in that moment.

So let’s talk about how to tune your brain to the exact reality you want to create for yourself.

The RAS is a pattern generator and it looks for patterns that fit the belief system. And then it validates the belief system with those patterns. But remember the beliefs that were made, weren’t based on truth, they were based on interpretation in order to survive or make sense of the world around them.

Well the most important thing a person needs to understand is the power of visualization, it’s probably at the top of the list. And because the brain doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality, the more you visualize something the more you’ll start moving towards it.

When you visualize it creates heighten sensory perception in the internal movies of our mind, it’ll trigger the reticular activating system to search for a to fill in the empty space.

And when you feel yourself feeling vulnerable or out-of-control with your thinking and emotions, this is actually the time to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the script .

It’s the perfect time to break a habit with your brain that is trying to validate negativity.


STEP 1- NOTICE- It’s important to notice when you are in a state of stress/anxiety or overthinking, because in order to create change we must first notice what we are changing. (FYI, when you don’t, you exacerbate all the discomfort and they will eventually come out later, most likely in another form).

Ask yourself, “What are my cues”? Cues are either physical symptoms or behaviors. For some, they can experience physical tension in their chest, neck, lower back, stomach, while others, may become more obsessive in behavior; cleaning/organizing. Take a moment and list your “cues”, below.

What are your signals letting you know that your body and mind are experiencing stress? 1.



After you notice yourself in “Fight Flight”, accept you’re uncomfortable and acknowledge you are safe and “OK”. When you do this, your mind and body work together and you will move through it quicker. STEP 1 NOTICE

  • How can you recognize when your body is stressed?

  • What are your bodies physical cues?

  • Accept that you feel uncomfortable

  • Acknowledge you are safe.

STEP 2- INTERRUPT. This next step is crucial! Interrupt thoughts and pop out of your head.

Get into the present moment by counting yourself, “up and out”.

"1,2,3,4,5, EYES OPEN, WIDE AWAKE."

Say this a few times so that you pop yourself out of your head and into the present moment, paying attention to your senses, see what you see, hear what you hear, and feel what you feel with what is around you in the present moment. REMINDER: Remind yourself again, you are “Safe, and OK”. We want to remind the nervous system that it is time to calm down, there’s no need for the “fight flight response”.

The other thing that helps in achieving results and control over this is through meditation. It’s a great way to start gaining control over your focus and using your senses. When you practice this you can hone in on an experience you desire, and filter out anything unnecessary.

Meditation is different because it helps you focus on being in your body and tapping into your senses. It takes a little time to get the hang of it but I think of it is training your dog to sit, sooner or later the dog sits on command but in the beginning it could be quite frustrating. And the more you relax the easier it’ll become chip be the master of your mind.


I’ve created a Hypnosis audio that will help you with this type of focus and it’ll incorporate all of your feelings states, and senses this will help you impress your mind, and use it for at least 30 to 90 days.

If the beliefs that you believe to be true about yourself aren’t serving you understand it’s just an interpretation that can be changed. Because we are all born worthy of receiving it simply means that you deserve to receive an amazing life, one that you get to design. And when you can change your thinking and focus, to align with what you desire, versus what you fear, you can use the RAS to your advantage

"What you focus on Grows...

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows."

- Tony Robbins

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